There are quite a few roles that folk can be asked to fill on your wedding day – there are the obvious ones such as bridesmaids, Maid/Matron of Honour, Best Man, Groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, MC…,but here are a few others to consider, in order for the day to run smoothly and include your family and friends in some special way.

Even if we are outside and there are only a few rows of seats, ushers can be an important part of welcoming guests and showing them where to go, where the ceremony will be taking place, they can help with the logistics of gathering folk together as the bride is about to arrive for example. They can ensure any guests with special needs get to their seats, whether elderly grandparents or anyone with prams, walkers etc.
I like to meet the ushers if they can make it to the rehearsal or have them arrive early on the day so we can go over anything together that may be flagged.

Mr. or Ms. Music.
I always love to have someone that I can meet at the rehearsal, that I can rely on, to help with the playing of music for the arrival, the signing of the register and the walk back up the aisle.
Perhaps a young cousin who knows the ins and outs of the ipod, iphone or latest gadget ??


Having a guest or several guests do a reading during the ceremony is a really beautiful part of the ceremony as well as the day.
I always find that the energy of the day just drops and sits calmly once the readings are underway ….. it is as though all the busy-ness and the doing to get to the ceremony on time, all the stress or worry over weather etc just settles and we find our equilibrium and harmony as a group – gathered to witness this most precious of events.
You can choose a reading or have them choose something they feel reflects who you are, as they know you – it is always wonderfully surprising what pieces guests will find for this important role.
Don’t be put off by someone who refuses – remember one of the biggest fears in life is public speaking – so be smart about it – think about your guest list – think about the friends or relatives who you feel would rise to the challenge or relish the opportunity to get up and share with everyone in this way.

Blessing of the Couple
There is nothing so wonderful as having a loving Grandparent or someone who holds that Elder place in a family, give a beautiful blessing during the ceremony. Or perhaps if they cannot be there in person, someone could read a blessing from them.

Witnesses for the Signing of the Register

Often the witnesses are the Maid of Honour and the Bestman, but more and more I find that couples like to include other guests or parents in this way. The choice is yours. Their names will form part of your lifelong marriage certificate, so a very special role indeed.

Handing out the petals or the bubble blowers ready for the walk back up the aisle. Little girls love to be part of this !!

So, apart from letting guests know how much they mean to you by giving them a personal role, it is super helpful so that the ceremony runs really smoothly and these things are taken care of and taken out of your minds too.