Kasey and Gordo

You could not imagine a more beautiful setting for this blissful wedding and these lovely photos capture the love so perfectly.

“…we wanted to pass on an official thank you for being such a special part of our big day.
We’re oh so glad your smiley face was waiting at the altar for us! You just radiate love and joy and positive energy. You made us feel so calm and reassured, despite the nerves!
Thank you for running with our slightly unconventional ceremony and supporting Lach along the way too. We wanted the ceremony to feel really personal and having you deliver the “official” part with just our Mums and witnesses was a really special, intimate moment. One of our friends (Elspeth – who you may’ve met at the rehearsal?) actually said it was one of her favourite parts of the whole day, as it felt so special!”
Ceremonies with Amala Kasey and Gordo wedding