Having worked with so many photographers – so many brilliant magicians with a camera – I am in total awe of the creativity, the magic, the light, that they bring to their shots.

There is no way that I could choose or would want to choose a favourite photographer. For me they each bring their own sense of style and wonder to their work.

What I will say to couples who are at that time in their planning where they are choosing a photographer is to get recommendations from friends, loved ones …. and if you have been to a wedding and loved the photos – ask who they used.

Check out the web pages of the photographers – and sense into the kinds of photos, the kinds of memories you want to be looking at and showing your family in the years ahead.

Meet with a few to get a feel for who they are … and whether you can be yourself with them … how comfortable do you feel in their presence ….. Remember – you are going to be spending the better part of your whole wedding day with this person ….. and you want to know you will be comfy and natural in front of their camera …. Super important !!

Get a few engagement photos done …. This can help you get into the groove of being the centre of attention. In saying this – a really good photographer is kind of invisible to you on the day – most of the time, you will not even know they are there ! Magic isn’t it !

And book your photographer early in the process ….. good photographers can be booked up a long way in advance – so don’t leave this precious part of the wedding day puzzle to chance …..
If you can meet with them on site at around the time of day/ year you are planning the wedding, this can also help all of you get a feel for the kind of shots that might be available around the local area.

One last piece of strategic planning for your wedding photos – if you are wanting a group photo do this immediately after the ceremony – that way everyone is still present.
And if you are going to do the traditional family group pics, make a list of these so that your MC or a family member can help to coordinate these quickly and easily. That way you can get off to your Bridal Party and Mr. & Mrs. Photos as easily as possible.

Enjoy the creation of these precious moments and memories ….. with the magic work of a wonderful photographer.

Ceremonies with Amala Photographer