With so much organizing for the day, it is important to remember that the wedding ceremony itself is something that can be crafted to uniquely reflect who you are and be the day you have always dreamed of.

Ritual is simply the term used for any of the little pieces that go into making up an entire ceremony.
A Reading is a ritual. Having someone walk the bride down the aisle is a ritual. The use of Music in ceremonies is a ritual.
These are elements that we are used to seeing and being part of – and it is this energy that imbues the ceremony with its sacredness, with its magic. It’s these rituals that make the day a wedding, rather than just a party, and connects us to all weddings, ceremonies, rituals that have gone before and that will come in the future. It is Ritual that connects us to love.

When we can keep these rituals simple, the Bride and Groom can be relaxed and stay in their open hearts. This is the space where love and magic are created.
If we make things too complex or long winded, our thinking mind can take over – which changes the energy of the moment.
The magic is also held by the guests who are here to witness, so the simpler and easier these rituals are, the better able we are to hold this divine space so to speak.
It is my role as the celebrant to invite the guests into this space in a way that is natural and comfortable. Or to create the template for the ritual and ceremony to unfold.

Here are a few little rituals to consider.

The Ring Warming
This is an old celtic ritual: the wedding rings go around to each of the guests, who hold them in their hands and offer a little silent prayer or blessing for you and your marriage – or simply feel into the love they have for you as they hold them, imbuing your rings with that love.
With a large group, this can be done prior to the bride arriving, as a way of connecting everyone.
If you are having a small intimate wedding, the rings can be sent around the circle just before we do the exchanging of the rings. In small intimate circle people can even be invited to speak their blessing to you if they feel comfortable.
This is really a beautiful and simple part of your ceremony and one of my absolute favourites.

Candle Ceremony (recommended for indoors)
The Bride and Groom each have a candle that is lit and sits on a little ‘altar’ or the signing table. They bring these candles in to light a larger candle. This symbolizes the couple’s individual hearts, their love and warmth, lighting something much bigger, lighter and warmer than themselves.
This candle is then precious in the lives of the couple – to light during dinner or for special occasions.

Calling in the Directions
This ritual is intended to bring balance, peace, wisdom and a sense of deep connection to the well of love within and can be done to open the ceremony just after the bride arrives.
In this way we hold the couple in the circle of love, the circle of life. It’s a beautiful way for the bride and groom to really connect and relax before the ceremony gets underway, as they often haven’t seen each other all day.
I can do this using a beautiful hoop drum, or it can simply be done using my heart and hands.
The guests can also be asked to face each of the four directions, or we can place elements to symbolize each of the directions at the compass points in a circle around the couple.
If it is a small intimate group. The group itself can form a circle.
I know when we do this outdoors, or on the beach, the birds and dolphins often really connect in as well.

The giving of gifts
The Bride and Groom, as well as or instead of making vows to one another, offer small gifts that symbolize their love and their commitments to one another from this day forward.
They each speak of their gift as it is given.
For example:”I give you this gift of bread, that you may always feel nourished when you are with me.”
“I give you this gift of honey, so our lives will be forever sweet and pure in our love for each other.”
“I give you this flower, so our lives may be ever filled with beauty and simple pleasures.”

And Please, if you’ve seen something you love, or have an idea for something you want to try, I would love to help you create what it is in a way that will flow beautifully in your ceremony.
I have many years of experience creating ritual and am always excited by the possibility of putting new ones out there or adding a unique twist to make it truly yours.

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