Too often I see and hear couples (especially brides) getting stressed or overwhelmed by all they have to do or be or have so that their day will super special – not just for themselves but for everyone else: their guests, their mum or dad, their friends ……
And it happens that each little choice they make takes them away from their original simple ideas – each little choice – and the next one – and the next one – and the next one, until ultimately they can end up a long way from where they began.

Now sometimes this is all fine – creating and recreating as new ideas come to hand that enhance the original is what creativity is all about

But this is the key: enhancing the original idea.

So take some time right at the beginning, to get clear on who you are and what kind of day will reflect what you really want.

And if you are feeling overwhelmed – try to keep it simple.

Simple beauty is often best, especially when that beauty and simplicity is enhanced by the love you have for each other.
Too much of a good thing can overshadow this beauty, and, you can lose sight of each other and how much you love each other – the reason you are having the day can get buried under a mound of tulle and table settings!

Some of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I have done have involved a barefoot bride on the beach or in a park, in a simple white dress, carrying a simple flower. The ‘arbour’ has been an overhanging casuarina tree, or the arching blue sky, the ‘aisle’ has been rocks found and placed by eager children excited to have a role.

Remember that you will never regret something that stays true to you and your hearts

And if your day doesn’t look the same as someone else’s, that’s Ok – because that is their day. Make your day simply and truly yours.
That is what will make it super special.

Ceremonies with Amala